About Propoelix


PROPOELIX® is the result of an extensive 8 year research program to develop a propolis extract that would address the 3 key challenges related to propolis consumption – consistency, potency and bioavailability.

Addressing the 3 key challenges, Propoelix has become one of the most potent, most powerful and most effective Immune System Booster available in the market.
Aside from its high ORAC value, Propoelix also contains the following vitamins and minerals required by the body:
• Vitamins A-Z (except K)
• Magnesium
• Calcium
• Potassium
• Sodium
• Zinc
• Copper
• 16 essential amino acids
• Caffeic acid phenethyl ester or CAPE
• flavonoids (chyrsin, catechin, galangin, etc.)
• stilbene derivatives (reservatrol)
• fatty acids.

Health Benefits
• Immune System Booster – with the high ORAC value (each capsule is equivalent to 3 cups of broccoli) combined with all the potent vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it helps the body strengthen the immune system.
• Anti-bacterial – Propolis has been proven to have strong anti-bacterial properties.
• Anti-inflammatory – Propolis reduces inflammation and is effective against infections of the skin, nose ear and throat.
• Anti-cancer – A 2003 study showed that propolis helps treat tumors and prevents the growth of cancer cells, particularly those found in the breasts, lungs, brain and prostate.
• Anti-toxic – Flavonoids in propolis reduce the toxicity of certain chemotherapeutic agents that cause injury to the heart, kidneys, lungs and other organs. They also significantly reduce the side effects experienced by patients undergoing chemotherapy, particularly mouth sores and fatigue.
• Neutralizes free radicals and prevents cell damage

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a waxy substance which bees gather from trees. Bees use propolis to guard against infections and keep out bacteria from their hive. Propolis is also a powerful and natural antioxidant that has been used for centuries to help the healing process various illnesses and improve human health.

Propolis is a highly complex compound containing all vitamins (except vitamin K), all minerals needed by the body (e.g. magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc and copper) and at least 16 essential amino acids. It also contains many polyphenolic compounds (caffeic acid phenethyl ester or CAPE), flavonoids (chyrsin, catechin, galangin, etc.), stilbene derivatives (reservatrol) and fatty acids. These compounds, particularly CAPE and flavonoids, have shown potent antioxidant activity in vitro. They neutralise free radicals and prevent cell damage.

Why is PROPOELIX® powerful?

Continuous Multi-Stage Countercurrent Extraction (CMCE)

PROPOELIX® is a super-extraction of propolis performed using a unique extraction process called Continuous Multi-Stage Countercurrent Extraction (CMCE) technology. The CMCE process removes all the waxes and resins in propolis, leaving behind the hugely beneficial active ingredients such as polyphenols,flavonoids, and phenolic acid esters. These active ingredients found in raw propolis are usually diluted or leached in traditional steam distillation or solid-liquid extraction processes.

Increase Water Solubility and Bioavailability

The CMCE process also gives PROPOELIX® is uniquely water soluble properties and ensuring all of its beneficial compounds remain intact. This drastically improves its bioavailability and makes it more easily assimilated into the body, allowing the body to receive the full from each gram of propolis intake.

High Total ORAC Value

Since all the waxes and resins in the propolis have been removed, each gram of PROPOELIX® is highly potent. In fact, PROPOELIX® has an extremely high total Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value. An analysis done by Brunswick Laboratories in the USA found that it has a total ORAC value of 21,921 μmol TE per gram, more than double the amount of all other propolis supplements sold in the market today. In other words, 1 capsule of PROPOELIX® has the total ORAC value of 3 cups of broccoli, and 1 bottle of PROPOELIX® has the total ORAC value of 17kg of broccoli.

Not only does PROPOELIX® have an outstandingly high total ORAC value, it also contains antioxidants that fight against the five common free radicals that cause cellular damage: peroxyl, hydroxyl, peroxynitrite, superoxide anion and singlet oxygen.


Propolis is a naturally occurring substance which is highly dependent on botanical and geographical origin. Unlike other propolis products which usually consist of propolis sourced from a single region, the raw propolis used in PROPOELIX® is a “superblend” of Poplar and Baccharis propolis originating from different geographical regions. These two types of propolis have similar biological properties but different active ingredients. The raw propolis from each source is tested to ensure it contains a chemical composition falling within a pre-determined range (measured against a gas chromatographic mass spectral (GC-MS) analysis profile) before it is approved for use in the CMCE process and encapsulated. This selection and blending process ensures that every capsule in every batch of PROPOELIX® exhibits the same, consistent, beneficial properties.

Who can take PROPOELIX®?

Anyone and everyone

Daily consumption of PROPOELIX® can dramatically boost overall immunity. Anyone and everyone can consume PROPOELIX® – it is especially recommended for individuals with a poor immune system (whether due to stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, or various illnesses). PROPOELIX® has no known side effects.

Dengue Fever

PROPOELIX® is also a clinically-proven effective as support therapy for Dengue Fever as shown in a recent clinical study done on Dengue Fever patients at Gatot Soebroto Central Army Hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was found that PROPOELIX® shortened the average length of a Dengue Fever patient’s hospital stay by 25%. Patients using PROPOELIX® also experienced a significant increase in platelet count and a rapid decrease in body temperature. They experienced no unwanted side effects or clinical deterioration. Detailed results of the clinical study were published in the international peer reviewed medical journal Dove Medical Press (L, Soroy, Bagus S, Yongkie IP, and Djoko W. “The Effect of a Unique Propolis Compound (PropoelixTM) on Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.” Dove Medical Press Vol 7, no. Dec 2014 (2014): 323—329.).


Case studies conducted on 52 HIV/Aids patients who were on anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs (which cause serious damage to the immune system) showed a significant 87% increase in their CD4 marker counts. A CD4 count is a lab test that measures the number of CD4 cells in a blood sample. It is an important indicator of how well a patient’s immune system is working.


PROPOELIX® can benefit patients with solid-organ tumours and is able to mitigate some of the toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents.

Our Commitment

PROPOELIX® has been painstakingly developed based on the best available current scientific evidence to ensure optimum efficacy. We are fully committed to the quality and safety of PROPOELIX®. We have also rigorously examined published scientific data available on PROPOELIX® to ensure that our recommended formulations, dosages and indications are grounded in scientifically-proven efficacy.